Meet Raeann and Chrissy:
the sisters behind the brand

The Power to B is about being fearless enough to speak your dreams into the world and being strong enough to turn them into reality. That’s exactly what Chrissy and Raeann did when they paired their experience working in their family’s jewelry store with their passion for building a community of positive and uplifting women. What began in their hometown of Glastonbury, Connecticut has grown into a national brand with an impact on thousands of women’s lives. Now, they want to share it with you.

I’m Chrissy, the founder and creative force behind The Power to B!

I can’t say there was a defining moment when I came up with The Power to B, because it’s a project that’s been in the works my whole life. I’ve had days that require me to B Strong, weeks that have me struggling to B Fierce, and years of believing in my power to B Limitless in bringing this vision to life. I’ve been through it – relationships, career changes, personal challenges – you name it.

Visual reminders of my strength are what have gotten me through the darkest times and have made the bright times brighter.

My passion for powerful words, even as a kid, is ironic as I’m really at a loss for words now. The impact this brand is making on our growing community of women is greater than I ever could have dreamed, and you’d better believe I have a notebook full of what’s coming next.

I’m Raeann, the strategic powerhouse that’s brought this brand to life!

I always knew The Power to B’s message would resonate with women far beyond our local jewelry store’s reach. The authenticity of our brand comes directly from the women brave enough to share their stories with us, and that’s why it’ll never truly be complete.

Every day I meet someone who is up against a new battle, has a new opportunity in front of them, or is just missing the right words to say to someone they love.

I take all of this in, mesh it with our own experiences, and deliver strength to women through beautiful products that always seem to say the right thing. With my B Fierce bracelet on my wrist, I’m always thinking about how we can better serve our community and make our message reach even further, bringing The Power to B to women everywhere.

Just like the women who wear our jewelry, we’re totally unique, but connected by The Power to B.

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